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We strongly recommend a trip to Sedona because of its natural healing powers and physical beauty. Tourists from all over come to visit Sedona and experience a sense of spiritual awakening and marvel at the plethora of activities that they can enjoy there.

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Sedona stands out to be the perfect holiday spot for the nature enthusiasts as well as the metaphysical people.  We have always recommended the visitors to experience the energy healing and spiritual cleansing treatment at the Heart Walk Centre in Sedona.

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Robbers Roost Cave

The most significant thing the center offers is that that you can walk to experience their spiritual healing treatments.

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You can even enjoy a tour of Sedona’s most beautiful Red Rock Canyons and explore the majestic sedimentary rock formations that were made millions of years ago.

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Red Rock Loop Trail

We found that you can drive to the northeast of Sedona and explore the Valley Of The Gods where the quiet solitude and the alien land space makes the tourist feel that they have suddenly been transported to another dimension.

Plus driving along the road to Verde Hot Springs and exploring its great healing vortexes is an adventure experience in itself.

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Travel experts recommend that if you are holidaying in Sedona, you sure need to visit the worlds best-preserved meteorite impact site the Meteor Crater which was created by the collision between a piece of asteroid and earth about a million years ago.

Tourists interested in the wildlife of Sedona enjoy the visit to the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary which provides recreational and educational experience for visitors of all ages and a close-up experience with the different wildlife species of the area.

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Brins Mesa in Sedona

Savy tourists recommend that tourists were visiting Sedona get physical and enjoy Sedona’s natural beauty by hiking, biking camping and swimming in Sedona ’s great water holes for a rejuvenating experience and enjoy a history lesson at the  Sedona Heritage museum exploring its historical exhibits and get the feel of Sedona’s early days.

Experts say that you can even plan special outings to the Out of Africa Safari Experience or enjoy the four-hour tour through Sycamore Canyon and watch out for its famous eagles. But one thing that you should never miss while holidaying in Sedona is an entertaining evening of astronomy under the canopy of Sedona’s night sky and view the celestial objects among the beautiful Red Rocks of Verde Valley.

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