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Holidays Lounge knows that there are plenty of attractions in Miami to keep every type of traveler happy, but one that can be overlooked is the Miami Seaquarium. Occupying a 38-acre area located near the downtown Miami area, it has been in existence since 1955, and it is considered to be one of the earliest seaquariums in the world. Apart from marine mammals, Miami Seaquarium houses sharks, sea turtles, reptiles, birds, and other animals. The park gives daily presentations as well as hosting overnight camps, and group programs.

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The Seaquarium has over 500,000 people visiting annually, so it is a popular destination. The Seaquarium is the go-to place for interactive sea lions and dolphins shows, as well as reef encounters. You will have the chance of seeing the endangered manatees together with a group of the rare white-sided dolphins. Holidays Lounge recommends that you plan to spend at least 4 to 5 hours and possibly the whole day there to appreciate everything this attraction has to offer.

If you are the adventurous type, you can try your hand in training the seaquarium’s sea lions or visit the Discovery Bay and learn about marine conservation. For more diversity, the mangrove habitat has various sea turtles, Nile crocodiles, birds, and indigenous fish to discover.

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Other fun activities to engage in at the Miami Seaquarium are numerous including the Penguin Encounter. Here you will learn about the African penguins on the Penguin Isle and have a chance to immerse in their environment and have a unique encounter to interact with the penguins one on one. The Dolphin Encounters is a great way for old and young alike to get familiar with a dolphin in shallow waters. The dolphins will swim to you and you will get about 30 minutes to do activities like share a kiss, and even shake hands.

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According to Holidays Lounge, the VIP Tour is a two and a half-hour interactive program where visitors get the chance to get close with some of the more exotic animals in the Seaquarium

A personal guide will lead you through a fascinating trip where you will engage in a variety of things including feeding the manatees and a photo session with a dolphin or sea lion. You will have the chance to share any sorts of behaviors with the dolphins, like kisses, rubs, handshakes, and training techniques.

The Reef Encounter is a guided underwater journey through the tropical reef. You will see tropical fish, various sea creatures, and stingrays. Or another option is the Seal Swim activity which is a shallow and deep water interaction with groups of harbor seals. You will swim freely with the seals as well as receive kisses, and be part of a fun training episode. Another program offered at the Seaquarium is to become a trainer for the day. As a participant, you will enjoy a hands-on experience like none other. Working with the trainers, you will get the orientation and training basics for each show, assist in preparing for the daily show set up as well as helping with other extra essential activities.

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The Miami Seaquarium is a short drive from the downtown Miami. According to Holidays Lounge, the Miami Seaquarium is a classic family attraction site that offers many different packages on interacting with marine life. Visitors of every age will find something that they will love participating in and create memories that will last a lifetime here. The park is also equipped with three cafes, and several shops that cater to the whole family making everything you need easily accessible.

For more information please visit Florida’s Best Aquarium in Miami.

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