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Holidays Lounge Reviews suggests taking a visit to the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Bordered on four sides with other states, Arizona has a varied climate dependent on the region, ranging from desert to monsoon. With such a range, activities and attractions are varied according to Holidays Lounge Reviews. The Heard Museum displays a marvelous collection of Native American artifacts and art, with over 400 items including jewelry, paintings and textiles, and an auditorium and theater.

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Holidays Lounge Recommends visiting Papago Peaks in Phoenix Arizona

Holidays Lounge Reviews reviews the cliff dwellings at Montezuma Castle, which consists of relics and artifacts and the 20 rooms of a five-story structure of the Sinagua civilization dating back to the 12th century. For a newer human-made architecture, visit the Hoover Dam, where you can enjoy learning about the dam on guided tours.

Natural formations include the Grand Canyon, which is a top destination for adventurous activities, such as mountain biking, rafting, fishing, and also helicopter tours giving you a birds-eye view. Other sites to explore are the red sandstone formations of Sedona, where you can also experience museums, spiritual retreats, wineries, and art galleries. Grand Travel Worldwide reviews Lake Powell and Monument Valley, a vast flat landscape dotted with crumbling rocks, where numerous movies have been filmed. Enjoy scenic drives or hiking in the Saguaro National Park where the giant saguaro cactus grows and is protected. Picnic at the Havasu Falls, where the water falls 120 feet into a sizeable blue-green pool. Your excursion can be made by either a helicopter or horse ride or hiking 8 miles to the pool. Another massive formation is the Barringer Crater spanning 4,000 feet and formed by a meteorite impact.

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Giant Saguaro Cactus native to Arizona

Holidays Lounge reviews the Arizona Science Center for interactive activities and numerous exhibitions and films in the Dorrance Planetarium. Or visit the Phoenix Art Museum housing modern art collections and regular couture exhibitions. It is easy to find by the enormous hand-blown glass and chrome art piece hanging outside. Marvel at the Banquet of Rocks in the Mining and Mineral Museum, which are rock and mineral dishes so realistic you think you could eat them.

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Heard Museum

Another impressive structure is Tovrea Castle with its wedding cake-like structure and tours of the building and Carraro Cactus Garden. Holidays Lounge reviews the Zen arts and nature compound of Cosanti featuring walkways, artist studios, and eco-friendly buildings. You will be accompanied on your walk by Soleri Wind Bells and can explore the Earth House, which is partly underground. The Phoenix Zoo is also fantastic and come winter time they have a tremendous display called Zoo lights that will surely not disappoint you.

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