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Holidays Lounge has released our list of the most festive holiday locations throughout the United States.

These cities and towns take the holiday spirit to a new level.  A vacation to any one of these destinations is sure to make for holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

Woodstock, Vermont

Few places beat Vermont for the holidays. Travelers are almost guaranteed to enjoy a white Christmas in Vermont. The air is cold and crisp this time of the year, and the scent of pine is everywhere. Our travel experts urge travelers to arrive for Wassail Weekend and enjoy a festival that harkens back to the area’s Nordic roots. There are parades and period costumes, and tours of local buildings and holiday shopping galore.

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Solvang, California

If travelers want to enjoy Christmas without all that pesky, frigid snow, they are in luck. Our expert recommends visiting sunny Solvang, California. Famously referred to as the Danish capital of the U.S., this city celebrates its Scandinavian roots. In the town of Solvang, Christmas is celebrated with “Julefest.” Jule is a Norse word that is currently associated with Christmas, but it predates the traditional celebration of Christmas. The celebration of Julefest includes a parade, Danish folk dancers and a tree lighting ceremony in the center of town.

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Solvang, California – recommended by Holidays Lounge

McAdenville, North Carolina

This tiny town comes alive at Christmas with one of the most prominent holiday lights displays in the United States. For almost the whole month of December, the city comes alive with 375 illuminated trees, 200 lampposts wrapped with wreaths, a life-size Nativity scene and more. Holidays lounge shares that with McAdenville’s small-town charm, this holiday display attracts thousands of visitors every year. Our travel team provides this list of top holiday destinations to assist members in deciding where they want to get away to this winter. Travelers who are interested in a little holiday cheer should contact us right away while the holiday season will be booked quickly once it is is still in full swing.

Holidays Lounge Promos the top Festive US Destinations (2)

McAdenville, North Carolina

Keep traveling and remember that with Holidays Lounge you get hassle-free vacation and the best of times.

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