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Holidays Lounge provides member reviewed destinations and resorts overviews to help members plan and maximize their vacations.

Let’s face it, there are so many reviews, marketing strategies in place online that influence many people’s decision to reserve or plan a vacation in a certain resort or destination. Holidays reads real member reviews and surveys and based on that feedback, we have chosen a select number of locations and resorts to review on this website! Both potential members and existing members can read reviews based on where real Holidays Lounge members want to go, have been and plan their trip to one of the amazing vacation destinations available.

Vacation ownership has become a choice of millions of families for the ability to have the access to luxury resorts at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the monetary savings, a certain exclusivity of benefits, ability to plan and ease comes along with ownership.

In the past timeshare, was a great option for many travelers wanting to visit to the same destination or resort, or perhaps exchange with another family.

As times have changed, technology has advanced; a hotel reservation, airline reservation, cruise vacation or any activity can be booked quickly from your smartphone. With these changes, vacation ownership has adapted, and become more flexible and user-friendly, to make booking quick fun and still pass on the exclusive member benefits and savings. One of the biggest benefits our  members constantly comment about is comparing their plan to a vacation IRA. Having the membership paid for, and benefits available, makes it a breeze to travel, and the more it is used the more you save!

Holidays Lounge offers premier vacation stays for members looking to travel in hotels, resorts or take a cruise. Reviews are an important way Holidays gauges which destinations are most important to members, and which resorts are the preferred spots! Stay tuned to our blog while we will pick a new spot or tour/activity and review it and give you the real inside scoop to help make your next vacation a great one!





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